“Field Impossible” is a series of fictional structure model, created by a Japanese design company, Yuunagi Industries Ltd. With collected massive amount of factual data, drawings and study for existing but off-limits, or once-existing architectural structures, the product is made to evoke the excitement as if the viewers got into them. The series title comes from the aspiration for the place where we cannot enter.

The first model in the series is “Blast Furnace, Ironworks”, which is the one out of 6 areas that the fictional ironworks is composed of. Please refer to the design illustration posted on this page for the future development of “Field Impossible – Ironworks”. The red compartment is this product, “Blast Furnace”, the next product, the blue one is scheduled to be released in 2024, and the other one come next. As 3D printed sculptures and the other parts are assembled and painted by hands, the product will be released in small numbers, and there are slight difference between each product. You can switch LED lights on and off on contact with a built-in sensor with a magnet. An attached light switching stick is designed to match the product.

Size: product body: 150×150×80mm, acrylic case: 166×166×110mm, inner box:175×175×175mm
Material: resin, plastic, stainless, brass, glass, LED lights, enameled wires, magnets, lacquer paint, CR2032 batteries
Accessories: acrylic case, magnet-included light switching equipment, instruction manual
Copyright holder: Yuunagi Industries Ltd.
Prohibited matter: Unauthorized reproduction and copying prohibited

This work is fictional and ornamental art piece. We assume no responsibility for any accident due to remodeling or using for unornamental purposes. When electrical components such as LED, substrate and wires are run down, we will fix them at cost. It consists of a lot of small parts, including magnet. Please keep it away from small children to prevent accidental ingestion.

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